Flower Cosmetics

Flower cosmetics, a Walmart only beauty brand, was recently launched by actress, producer, and director Drew Barrymore.  The brand is part of the retail giant’s beauty department makeover.

“We wanted something special. We were not interested in a trend, a celebrity brand that wouldn’t last,” Carmen Bauza, vice president of beauty and personal care for Walmart U.S., told the Miami Herald. “We want this to be here and be here for a long time.”

The Flower cosmetics line includes lip colors, foundations, eye shadows, nail polishes and mascaras priced between $5 and $14.

Barrymore, 38, is a makeup enthusiast and has been in the makeup chair since she was 6-years-old.

“I don’t think much about clothes, but if you take away my concealer, I wouldn’t know what to do,” she told the Miami Herald.

The actress has been a part of Cover Girl for several years and was working as co-director of the brand for five years. Her experience with the makeup company gave her plenty of experience to start her own line.

“I like working in a business and an industry that’s so joyous and empowering to women, and all the positive messaging you can do with it too,” Barrymore told People StyleWatch. “When you have such an opinion or a passion about how things could or should be done, and you have a chance to do it, that’s exciting!”

What people have been the most impressed been with is the beautiful packaging and the foundations. The biggest complaints so far have been related to the labeling on the packages. All the product names are written on the removable sticker rather than the packaging itself which can get a little confusing.

flowerPhoto From NWBeauty

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One response to “Flower Cosmetics

  1. The packaging on these really is beautiful and chic. When I first heard that is where her line would be I was absolutely wrong they are gorgeous. Have you used any of them yet?

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